Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hump Day: Another music post

I'm running low on time and words, today. The other day, while driving through the city, Nada Surf came on and I had to turn it up with the windows rolled down. It was still warm at that point and the combination was blissful. Having been a teen in the early 90s, I have a soft-spot for alternative music. I even worked for the now-defunct Boston radio station, WFNX, for a number of years, when alternative music was at its peak.

The Nada Surf song I'm about to post, is actually not 90s music, but since that is when most of these bands were popular, 90s is the theme! So, please enjoy!

Nada Surf - Always Love (The Weight is a Gift, 2005)

Tripping Daisy - I Got A Girl (I Am an Elastic Firecracker, 2005)

Wire Train - Stone Me (No Soul, No Strain, 1992)

Frank Black - Los Angeles (Frank Black, 1993)

Guided By Voices - Motor Away (Alien Lanes, 1995)

Salt - Bluster (Ausculate, 1996)

The Sugarcubes - Hit (Stick Around For Joy, 1991)

Papas Fritas - Hey, Hey You Say (Helioself, 1997)

Sloan - Underwhelmed (Smeared, 1992)

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