Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Walking With The Wounded

So, it is really not a secret that I have the hots for Alexander Skarsgård. Do you blame me? I mean, come on, the guy is amazing! Looks, talent, a great sense of humor, and a kind heart - he is currently racing with Team Noom in Antarctica, raising money for charity. In the friggin' South Pole! For someone like me who hates the cold, that sounds pretty hellish.

Walking With The Wounded is a United Kingdom-based charity, whose mission is "to fund the re-training and re-education of our servicemen and women, both veterans and those leaving The Armed Forces." If you read the biographies of the men and women participating in their fund-raising challenges, you will see that they are doing this despite physical and mental disability from service. They are doing all of this to support their fellow brothers and sisters in arms. Pretty awe-inspiring!

Did I mention that Prince Harry is also taking part? That leads me to this amazing video from Youtube. Not only does Alex look stunning in it, but Prince Harry seems to forget there are cameras everywhere, which is pretty hysterical. I should probably also mention that Dominic West is racing with Team Commonwealth. I never really watched The Wire (I know, I know), so I am not really familiar with his work.

I think it is fantastic that all three men are bringing such great exposure to the cause. We need more celebrity stories like this! Imagine if the media gave as much attention to Team Noom as they did to the speculation about Alex dating Taylor Swift (just because they were working together)!

They will all be walking alongside the ex-service members on each team, as part of the team. No special treatment! You can read more about the race and donate by clicking here.


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