Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Golden Days of MTV

MTV was a very different television station than it is today. Long before teenagers were getting pregnant, grown men were punching each other in the dick for laughs, and strangers were scamming each other on the internet, there were music videos and cutting edge programming. Hard to believe, right?

A friend today brought up Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, which had me thinking about The Idiot Box with Alex Winter and The State - two of the shows I miss the most! It also had me realizing that I have gotten pretty old (B&T is almost 25 years old, for reference)!

While The State recently came out on DVD (recently, being 4 years ago - where the hell has the time gone?!!), The Idiot Box Still hasn't. Luckily, we have Youtube!!!

Click here for 6 full episodes!

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