Saturday, November 23, 2013

I have no nostalgia for the 80s

I was a child in the 80s. Many of my friends became teens during this time or even went off to college. They all seem to have really enjoyed the time. Despite being young, I do remember a large part of the era and it was not my favorite. If I had to pick a favorite era, it was the 90s. The 80s were just...awkward. The hair, the clothing, the excess...awkward, awkward, awkward.

Crimped hair, shoulder pads, giant bangs, neon spandex? Awkward!

Just look:

It's like the 70s had an ugly hangover!

Oh, Cindy...that dress fabric should have stayed on the couch!
Don't even get me started with the lipstick...

This shit was normal. For real!

Just pull your hair back into a scrunchy and slap
on some jelly bracelets. Don't forget to kill the
ozone with some Aquanet!!

People wanted to decorate their houses like this!

Seriously, imagine the tackiest dental office you have ever been given a root canal in while this was playing:

That pretty much sums up being in a house in the 1980s.

Don't get me wrong, not all of the music was bad! I mean, they had New Wave! There were some pretty good tv shows and movies, too. Just living it sucked.

At least, I nailed it!

Ok, this trip down memory lane is giving me an anxiety attack. Back to watching Wall Street and cringing...

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